Setting Goals with Crohn's

It's important to make sure you are setting goals when it comes to your IBD. I make sure that I have a list of things that I want to improve in regards to my Crohn’s. Nobody is a expert on the disease. Could we become more aware of what the disease entails? Absolutely! I keep a list of goals that I want to accomplish while having Crohn’s. Some I have done, and crossed off, and some I am still working towards.

One goal that I have reached was to help others who have IBD.

Writing these articles is the biggest payback to the IBD community. If I can reach one person, if I can answer questions to better help a fellow IBD patient, then I have reached my goal. I know some of my articles have helped the IBD community, and I am so proud to be part of of it. Donating to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation is another way that I help others with IBD. Over the last ten years, I have raised close to 20,000 dollars that goes towards continuing research to eventually find a cure for Crohns, Colitis, and other related bowel issues.

A goal that I have not reached yet, that I am working towards is to go to a haunted hay ride.

I love Halloween, and all the fun activities that young adults like myself like to participate in. I can’t wrap my head around going to a farm at night to wait in long lines to go on a hay ride, or to walk through a haunted house. I know that the only source of a bathroom would be Port-O-Potties. I am sure they aren’t the classiest, I just can’t build enough courage to go. I really enjoy being frightened, and laughing at the people who jump out at you when walking through the haunted house. All my friends go each year, and I stay behind. Yea I tell them it's fine, but of course I’m jealous. One day I will go. Any suggestions for me on how to reach that goal?

I have reached the goal of letting my employer know that I have IBD.

Like stated in earlier articles, my principal is more than accepting. I was afraid that I would not get a job because of the constant bathroom use. I feel so much better that my administration and colleagues know what is going on. It eases my mind!

A goal that I still want to reach is to travel outside the country.

I really want to go back to the Caribbean Islands. The water is my concern. I am afraid that I will get a bacterial infection that would cause complications with my Crohn’s. That scares me. On the other hand, I know if I stick to bottled water, I should be OK. The Caribbean is a place that I visited frequently during my childhood. One day I will be build my confidence to go.

So are goals attainable?

Yep! Do they come with some fear? You bet they do. But I am not perfect, and still live some fear as you can see. I believe that speaking with others who have overcome some of these fears is the only way for me to reach these goals. And hey, you only live once right?

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