alternating between a high-waisted skirt, sweatpants, and overalls

Shopping for Comfortable Clothing with IBD

There are not many options for people to purchase or attain clothing that is always comfortable as a person living with IBD. Sweatpants are not always an option if you work in a corporate office, though if you ask me, there should be a “Sweatpants Friday” at every employer, everywhere.

Weight fluctuations

Over the years, I’ve tried to balance out my wardrobe to be a little bit more Crohn’s friendly. Because of this, I ended up with pants ranging from sizes 0-12. Did I mention it’s extremely hard to gauge how much weight I lose/gain in one day? Typically, I fluctuate at least +/- 10 pounds per day.

I buy men’s sweatpants & pajamas because I find that most of them are cheaper and longer in length. I usually find them to be better quality as well; less shrinking in the wash, the fabric stays intact longer than women’s clothing that shrinks up right away.

Things I find helpful when searching for new, comfortable, forgiving clothing:

  • Loose-fitting band with a string to secure.
  • Easy to wash cotton
  • Items that can be washed in both hot and cold water
  • When I find something I really like, I usually buy multiple of them. (So if you see me wearing the same outfit twice a week, I swear I’ve laundered my clothing - I just know what works for me!)

Higher waisted things

I like higher waisted/fitting underwear, so I’ve searched the internet thoroughly to find some I feel comfortable in. I also buy “waterproof” panties that are usually used for women’s cycles, just in case I don’t feel fully confident in my bodies ability to control my bowels. Usually, these are not cotton, so be aware of how long you wear each pair for as to make sure that area can “breathe”.

I buy high waisted pants and jeans as well. I don’t have an ostomy, but I still find higher waisted clothing more comfortable on my abdomen. I have been known to buy maternity clothes every now and then...because who doesn’t like stretchy pants!? There is so much room for forgiveness when you are struggling with distention and all types of bloating.

Effective detergent

Not that you need to, but there is a detergent product on store shelves that you can add in Lysol with your regular detergent. I usually throw this in with most of my loads of laundry & feel as though some of you may do the same!

What are some hot tips that you would provide others with when shopping for clothes? Do you have an ostomy? Does that impact the ways you purchase clothing?

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