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I absolutely hate being sick, but especially when it’s due to things other than IBD. I 100% realize that my ulcerative colitis is pretty spontaneous and I can in no way control what I experience or when I have to go to the hospital, when I need treatment, ect. But when I get another sickness, a “healthy person” sickness, like a cough, cold or flu, I am extremely hard on myself. I hate feeling unproductive. I also hate feeling like I am not an asset to the people I work for / with. Having IBD has made me less hard on myself. I don’t see myself as a burden as much as I did, but when it comes to other things, for some reason I just feel like a failure. As if I’m letting myself and everyone else down.

Because of IBD, it takes me much longer to recover from sickness

Because of my condition, it takes me weeks, at times even months, longer to heal from things a healthier person would have gotten over pretty quickly. This is another reason why I am so hard on myself. I feel as though my body has failed me again. As if I will always be this. An ambitious person, stuck. Trapped in a body I never asked for, but somehow am forced to deal with. To fix. When I am unsuccessful at these attempts, it only makes me feel more flawed. More of a let down to myself (and the people I love) than I already am.

It’s hard to accept that being sick is “just another part of life,” when you’re already living with a chronic, autoimmune condition like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s Disease. It’s hard to accept that as an already “very sick” person, getting even sicker is just another “part of life.”

There’s no good advice for this

I don’t really have any deep advice or inspiration for dealing with these situations. Obviously, I can give you fluff or some quote that sounds really good but ultimately won’t change the situation or how you’re feeling in the moment. I can also go a different route and give you sadness or sit and talk about all of the unfortunate times I’ve had with my condition… But I don’t want to do that either.

I try to use this platform to give you: real. I want to be upfront and honest, but I also want to remind you (and myself) that there is still hope. Whether a cure comes in the next year or ten years, there is still hope for you. Whether you’re dealing with a cold or flu, or IBD flare, never stop believing in yourself and your future. Fight what you’re facing. Deal with the issue head-on and in the midst of it all, do something for you. Not just taking medicine or sleeping in. Do something you love. Whether that’s going for a walk or making a nice hot cup of tea in the morning.

Being sick is frustrating

Being sick isn’t just another part of life when you’re living with a chronic condition. It’s a massive interruption and intrusion on our lives and conditions, making bad matters worse. I know it’s frustrating.

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