A Busy Week: Sigmoidoscopy and More

I am a schoolteacher in the Philadelphia School District. Just like most jobs, it has it’s ups and downs. It has its perks and downfalls. One of the perks is having a “Spring Break.” During the Spring Break, many teachers go away on vacation. It is a time to step away from work and recharge the batteries. You need to be recharged as the end of the school year can be crazy.

I choose to do Spring Break a little differently.

Because of this week off from school, I'm able to schedule my flexible sigmoidoscopy with my doctor to see how my Crohn's is doing. I have to get this quick procedure done once a year for the rest of my life. Because they have to put me to sleep, I cannot drive or make major decisions for twenty-four hours after the procedure. I was able to make my appointment when I did not have to take off from work. I also made it so far in advance, that I was able to choose the first appointment. His first appointment is at 8:00 in the morning.

Word to the wise: When getting any procedure done that requires you to fast and complete a prep, try to get it done as early in the morning as possible. The worst is when you have to wait until the late afternoon. You’re hungry, irritable and a bit dehydrated.

My procedure is on the eleventh of April.

After I am done with the procedure my doctor wants me to follow up with him in the office. Because I have off the whole week, I was able to schedule the follow up appointment just two days later. The follow-up appointment is necessary because usually I don’t remember anything after the procedure, because of the anesthesia.

Also during my Spring Break...

I will be getting ready for my 10thCrohn’s and Colitis: Walk For the Cure. This year, like last year, the walk is at the Philadelphia Phillies ballpark. I really like walking with the thousands of other patients who suffer with IBD everyday. It’s a time of smiles, but also tears of joy! This is a very special time for me. I walk in honor and memory of people who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My family and friends come together and walk by my side. This walk is important for me, because it shows how much I have improved over the last ten years. It also is a reminder to be vigilant of the disease.

It’s a busy week ahead, but a “good” type of busy.

I am glad to get my annual procedure out of the way. I am glad that I won’t have to travel down to the University of Pennsylvania during the summer. I rather get it out of the way now! After all these errands are done, and the dust settles, I will sit and enjoy my Spring Break.

Everybody, and I mean everybody needs a break sometimes. Trust me. IT'S HEALTHY!


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