The Stress of Events with IBD

I had my fair share of weddings this past Summer.  And I was in the weddings, as a groomsman. Of course I felt honored to be in my best friend's wedding, but I was concerned.  I knew that I would have to take pictures with the rest of the wedding party at different historic and symbolic points in the city.  It was going to be a long afternoon on a limo bus.  I had to prepare myself for the worst as I always do.

This was happening this past September 10th.  It was considered the hottest day in Philadelphia for a late Summer day, and the Philadelphia School District had dismissed their schools at noon due to the heat.  My classroom upon departing the building that Friday was a balmy 102 degrees!  I had to make sure that I stayed hydrated!  That Saturday, I had to meet the rest of the wedding party at the hotel at 2:00.  We were to board the bus, and head to Rittenhouse Square to start taking pictures.  I was hoping that there was a bathroom on the bus, but there was no luck.  I had to just make sure to stay calm.  What happens if we are in the middle of pictures and I had to use the bathroom?  Where would I go?  Would they wait for me?

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On the bus ride, which felt like an eternity, I had a thousand things going through my mind.  I didn't want to show my stress level, because that would ruin the day for my best friend, and of course the bride.  I just had to go to my breathing routines and relax!

In my mind, I thought we would be traveling to many stops throughout the city, but I was way off!  We ONLY went to Rittenhouse Square, then to the venue.  We only did pictures for about forty minutes.  Again, I overthought the whole day!

Once we arrived at the venue I felt better and "safe."  There were plenty of bathrooms around, and my stress decreased.  So why do I get worked up about not being around bathrooms?

I honestly don't know.  I know that if I think about the bathroom, I most likely will have to use the bathroom.  I think it is just imbedded into my brain.  I know that I use the bathroom around twenty two times a day, so the odds are that every where I go, I have to use the bathroom.  So when I was on the limo bus, I only assumed that I had to use the bathroom.  I guess I have to not assume anymore!  I'll admit that I am scared to be in a situation that I have no control over.  I would say that this is something I need to work on.  Was I excited about doing pictures out in the open in a new suit, knowing that I might have an accident? No!  Was I excited that I was healthy enough to attend my best friend's wedding, and stand next to him as he married the love of his life? You better believe I was!

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