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This Summer-2019

You know I am excited. You know that I count down every year. Every year, I work at camp. It has been the same camp for the last twenty-seven years. Was it one of the reasons why I became a teacher? You better believe it. Teaching gives me the luxury of having off in the summers, and getting paid for it. So camp is extra money, which is good. But like every year, I have to prepare my self.

The bathrooms at camp

We are only into our second day, but I have to mentally prepare myself for about a week all summer. It’s camp, so the bathrooms aren’t the greatest. In the boys rooms, there are two stalls that have shower curtains as their doors. So if it is a gassy day, everyone who is in the bathroom can hear it. I did notice today that the water pressure is low. Because the water pressure is low, the toilet doesn’t flush down every time. Wow, you want to talk about being nervous today. I made sure to fill out a janitorial request to make sure that it gets taken care of.

Stress of trips and needing to use the restroom

Since I am in charge of the oldest bunks in camp, we go on many trips. I have to make sure that I prepare. This week we go on two trips. I drive a van full of fifteen campers. If I don’t show my confidence, then I have to be mentally ready. Tomorrow we go to a park and do a team building session. Even though it is a very short drive, in my mind I know where the bathrooms are. We go on a few longer trips as well. When we go on the longer trips, we are in the van for a while. I have to make sure that we make extra stops without making a lot of scenes in front of the kids. This year, I spoke with the owners of the camp, and they agreed that we should stop twice for the bathroom on our trips going over two hours. We make it a rule, so that it does not single any one out. Great idea huh?

Packing the right supplies for Crohn’s

Aside from the trips, I have to make sure I pack the right materials to camp every day. We know that the summer heat brings rashes because of wet skin. I always fall into this realm, and am happy to report that A+D ointment is great to wear on the backside during the summer. It actually forms a barrier, which is good, especially with people with Crohn’s who use the bathroom often.

I wasn’t always able to attend camp because of Crohn’s

I always look forward to the summer and try not to think of the past. When I first was diagnosed, I remember going to camp and not making it to the bathroom in time. I remember that in 2008, I couldn’t return to camp because I was so sick. So with the bad, comes the good. I am back at camp, and hope to be there for years and years to come.

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  • crystal.harper moderator
    7 months ago

    I’m glad to hear you finally made it back to summer camp, even if it is years later. I love the rule about pre-determined bathroom breaks too, that’s a great idea. Wishing you a fun summer and a speedy janitor to fix that water pressure issue!

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