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The Stress of Switching Mail Order Companies

As all of you know I am a teacher in the city. You also know that I take many medications for my Crohn’s. I like when things are simple, and there is not a hassle. When there is a hassle, when something doesn’t go my way, I get a flare up. A flare up for me is when I am running to the bathroom more than I usually do. A flare up is when I have increased urgency when having to go to the bathroom.

One trigger that gives me anxiety, to the point of having a flare, is dealing with the mail order prescription companies.

Recently, my school district settled our contract disputes. In the new contract language, it has us teachers switching our mail order prescription drug companies. I take a variety of drugs including Humira. If I miss taking these drugs, I could gain antibodies. This would make the drug less affective. So what I don’t understand is: Why do prescription companies make it very hard and difficult to fill your medication, if you are a new customer.

It was not like I had the choice. Our union negotiated with our school district. They decided to switch mail order companies. It wasn’t me! So the logical thing would have been that the old company should have transferred all of the scripts to the new company. I’ll be honest, some were transferred for me. But some were not.

Now I am stressed.

I am stressed that I have to go a few extra days without my medication. Some may say, “Hey, its not the end of the world.” I understand that, but I don’t want to get off track with my disease. My Crohn’s can be controlled to an extent if I stay regulated with my medication and maintain low stress.

Recently, I had to wait an extra five days to take my Humira because I had to call my old mail order company and have the information transferred to the new one. Once it was transferred, I had to call and set up my address and my credit card information. Wow was that annoying.

Another issue I am experiencing with mail order prescriptions is that somebody has to sign for it when they are delivered. I am never home, as I am at work. They do not mail it to my work, because I work at a school. I have to have my medication delivered to my fiancé’s job so she can sign for it. Even though she doesn’t mind, its just one extra step, you know?

Some quick tips about mail order that you need to know:

  • Get as much information about the company as you can.
  • Try to set up your mail order as far in advance as possible. This will allow for lag time especially the first few months. You want to make sure that you do not run out of medicine.

Has anybody else had any issues with mail order medications that pertain to their IBD?

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