How to Tap Your Way to Inner Peace

We've all tapped our fingers on our car dashboard to our favorite song or tapped our fingers on a table when we are anxious, annoyed or stressed. But what if there were a way we could tap our fingers to decrease anxiety and pain?

Tapping to decrease anxiety and pain

I am happy to share that there is such a technique that can help calm the central nervous system and decrease feelings of anxiety, and even pain, drastically! It is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or "Tapping" and it is well known within the holistic health community.

The emotional freedom technique (EFT)

The practice is a mixture of acupuncture (the use of meridians) and mind-body medicine (repetition of affirmations) without the use of needles, the cost that usually comes with an actual appointment or the need to find a licensed practitioner in your area.

I originally found tapping back in college, when I was studying health and wellness and holistic health. We talked about it in one of my classes and I immediately felt drawn to it.

After I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease and began dealing with all of the emotional and physical pain that can come with the disease, I began implementing tapping into my daily routine to decrease my intense anxiety and physical pain.

Using the tapping technique to remain calm

While I was also integrating other new diet and lifestyle changes into my life to gain my health back, tapping was (and still is) a crucial tool for me in terms of cultivating a calm demeanor consistently. Stress is a huge symptom trigger for me and using the tapping technique in stressful situations helps me stay calm, think more clearly and keep my body from going into a full stress response, which makes my symptoms worse.

How to use the tapping technique

Using the Tapping technique is easy! All you have to know are the points to tap on and the affirmation to repeat, and you're good to go! The EFT Tapping points are:

  • Top of the head
  • Inside of the eyebrow
  • Corner of the eye
  • Under the eye (on the bone)
  • Under the nose
  • Under the chin (in the crease)
  • Collarbone (near sternum)
  • Underneath the arm (about 3 inches from armpit - "bra line" for women)
  • Outside of the hand (near pinky)

To Tap: use your index and middle fingers to tap on these points. The force used to tap needs to be enough to feel it, but not enough to cause pain.

The affirmation used within tapping is: "Even though I have ______, I deeply love and accept myself."

Reducing anxiety, stress, and pain

Tapping is used in order to help reduce anxiety, stress and physical pain.
When tapping, think of either physical or emotional pain that is present in your life, then repeat the affirmation and tap along.

For example: When I first started tapping, I used the affirmation "Even though I have Crohn's disease, I deeply love and accept myself."

In the beginning, I laughed out loud every time I said it. I didn't believe it at all and thought that this was all bogus, but after a while, the stress, pain, and anxiety that came with my disease decreased and I began to feel calmer and at peace. Fast forward to today: I have made this practice a part of my daily routine and feel more in control of my life and my emotions.

Gaining control over the emotions that come with Crohn's

The best thing about this tool, along with many others within the world of holistic health and wellness, is that they can be used in conjunction with current treatment protocols and medication regimens.

These tools can help you feel like you have some control over how you feel and help you to gain your quality of life back, while also following through with your treatment plan from your doctor.

Living with an autoimmune disease, chronic illness or chronic pain can be stressful and leave us feeling constantly anxious. If you are like me and want to feel more at peace daily, research and try tapping for yourself.

Tapping is free, easy to learn, and can be used anywhere

While we love to tap our fingers to good music and show our stress through angrily tapping our fingers, let's also try to put our love for tapping to good use. If you are curious, try this modality and tap your way to a more peaceful, calm way of living with a chronic illness.

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