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Tell Your IBD Story!

You might have heard that we’re on a quest to help raise awareness of IBD all month long here at One of the ways we’re hoping to raise awareness is by helping YOU to tell your own IBD story. You can share your personal story in the Stories section of our website, by weighing in on a series of polls, and now, by downloading our visual story guide!

Download the Share Your IBD Story PDF by clicking here!

Our team created this visual guide to help you tell your story and share it with your friends, family, and on social media if you so desire! You can download the PDF below, fill in the sections that apply to your own personal journey, and share with those closest to you – or with the whole world! If you’d like to share with our team at, we’ll be collecting and sharing stories on our own social media sites.

You can tag us or you can share in the comments field of our post on FB!