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The Floods

I awoke last Saturday morning to my carpet’s being wet. I was on my way to the bathroom (as usual), and I stepped in what seemed to be a puddle. I thought that I was literally in a dream. I went back to sleep only to realize when I woken up that it was not a dream. My house was flooding. Over the last week I had to move all my furniture upstairs and away from the doors and walls that faced the outside. It was a mess!

The only thing that I had to do is move everything to the back of the house. Since one of our bathroom is located in the back of the house, this made it an issue. We are used to having two functioning bathrooms. Now that we had to literally block the door, we were down to one. This made it an issue.

It became an issue…

Getting ready in the morning became an issue. My Fiancé would have to get ready the same time as me. Since I go to the bathroom a few times it became a conflict. Who was going to use the bathroom first? There were a few solutions to solve the problem. I suggested that waking up earlier so I can start my day before she gets up might help. But you can never predict your stomach right? We put those plans into place.

One morning, as she was getting ready, I had to go down to the local Wawa to use the bathroom.  Shootout to Wawa for not questioning me and allowing me to do my business.

This one-bathroom thing was getting rough, but then I started to sit back and reflect. There are millions and millions of households that have one bathroom. There are also millions of people who have inflammatory bowel disease. Do they make it work? Yes, they do! I was actually being selfish. I was being selfish indirectly to people.

New Perceptions

I came home midweek with a new perception. I was gong to train my body and mind to deal with the one-bathroom situation. It was only temporary, as the contractors were replacing the floors in every room on the first floor. Soon our furniture would be back in place and our lives would be back to normal. I think that the reason why I had to use the bathroom so many times was because I was anticipating that I was going to have to use the bathroom. If that makes sense? It’s the same about getting a cold. If you tell yourself that you are going to get a cold, then you most likely will. I placed in my mind the “theory of positive thinking.” I awoke the next morning, being mindful to not think about having to use the bathroom. I don’t think I even stared at the bathroom door! I did much better in the upcoming days, and my frequency in the morning before I left the house went down considerably. Now we have both bathrooms accessible. Although I am graceful for what I had, I am now more mindful of what people don’t have!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    10 months ago

    Sharing one bathroom is always tough. I share one bathroom at the moment and for the most part we make it work, but sometimes, when it is in use and I have to go, it can be comical.

    Don’t beat yourself up for having two bathrooms! It’s hard when you have a routine and suddenly it switches on you unexpectedly, but you handled it amazingly well.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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