The Honeymoon

So you all know that I have been planning a wedding. The wedding will occur in October of this upcoming year. My fiancé and I picked a place that would be very accommodating with my Crohn’s. This venture has many bathrooms, which works out perfectly. We decided to recently sit down and try to figure out the best place for a honeymoon. Here is what we figured out:

We need to stay in the United States.

I have traveled to Mexico before, and have gotten sick from the water. This was before I had inflammatory bowel disease. The effects where terrible. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I got sick from the water on top of Crohn’s. I can’t imagine being in a hospital in country that has different medical laws than we do. It scares me, and I will not take that chance on my honeymoon.

Travel Insurance

We need to go with a travel plan. Since my immune system is so low, I could get very sick very quickly. What happens if we have to cancel? I remember when I first got sick and was placed in the hospital, my parents had a trip to the Dominican Republic. They had to cancel since they were not able to go. They saved themselves a lot of money. I know money is the last thing we need to think about when you have a Crohn’s attack. My finance and I work with a travel agency that has offer’s travel insurance.

No Cruises.

I can’t even imagine. I can’t imagine having a flair up, and being stuck on a boat with nowhere to go. Also I have seen time and time again, cruise ships come back to port with an epidemic of the norovirus. This very contagious virus effects the stomach, and it is the last thing I need. It’s  a shame because we really did want to go on a cruise. I have been on three cruises in the past before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. It’s a fun time, and we wish that we could go.

So what is the answer?

So what is the answer? Where is the perfect honeymoon spot? We are deciding to stay in the United States. This way, if something does happen I am on US soil. I feel safer that way. We want to go to a place that has lots of bathrooms, and food options that will accommodate my dietary options. It is funny, I never thought that I would be worrying about traveling.  Traveling should be fun, and my honeymoon should be something that I remember forever. I am not going o like I am very nervous even if it means traveling a short distance. I always fear the worst. I know that it is easier to be prepared. I am very happy that I do have a great fiancé who will make a great wife. She understands the disease and is willing to make sacrifices so that we can both enjoy our trip. I will keep you all informed on where we decide. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know! Thanks in advance.

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