Pregnancy Diaries: My Third Trimester

Hi all! Wow-doesn't time fly! It doesn't seem like five minutes since I was writing my first-trimester diary and now I am sitting down to write my 3rd trimester! However, it does feel my second trimester has dragged a little so I am very excited to have reached this milestone and give you all another a pregnancy update!

Weight gain

I have never managed to gain with IBD really. It has thankfully been pretty steady since diagnosis (so I don't usually suffer from a great deal of weight loss) but my BMI has always hovered at the low end of the acceptable range. So, yep I was thrilled to discover I'd put on just under 2 stone (just over 11kgs) since falling pregnant! It feels great to be gaining weight and doing exactly what my body should. My doctor also checked my Iron, B12, Vitamin D etc and it's all in the perfect range!

Weird cravings

I have blogged before about IBD and cravings and I'm also intrigued to wonder whether my cravings are down to nutritional issues or me just being plain weird. Well, my only pregnancy craving is ice cold fizzy pop (or soda for American readers!) I can count on one hand how often I drunk this pre-pregnancy but I am obsessed. Anyone had this or have any idea what I could mean? I already know that staying hydrated with IBD is important but this is on another level!

Hello acid reflux

I know acid reflux and heartburn is a common complaint for many people with IBD but I've never really experienced it before. Yep, I know: lucky me! Since I hit the 20-week mark, I have struggled massively with this. In fact, the first time it happened I felt as if I had swallowed bleach! I don't know what remedies are IBD friendly so would love some suggestions on this? I know acid reflux is usually related to diet but this comes on very suddenly (usually at night).

Stopping Humira

My biggest change this trimester is waving goodbye to Humira. I did lots of research on this and the pathway you take does seem doctor-dependant and country-dependant. I know many IBD folk in America stay on it throughout pregnancy. Here in the UK, the protocol is to stop it at around 26 weeks; since this is when it's thought to cross over the placenta.

My doctor explained this doesn't harm the pregnancy but can prevent him from having all his vaccinations on birth. Therefore, it is usually recommended patients stop this unless they're presenting lots of symptoms. I'm lucky enough to not report any major symptoms at the moment but it does feel like a bit of a comfort blanket has been taken from me and I was anxious about the change. I will keep reporting on how I'm doing without Humira in my next update! Steroids are an option if IBD rears its ugly head but keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn't come to that!

And finally... a bump update!

And finally, let's talk about my bump! One of the advantages of having IBD when pregnant is that I do get access to lots of growth scans and these started at 26 weeks. Thankfully bump is just where he should be in terms of his measurements and my next one is 31 weeks. At the moment, he is very active, which is real reassurance when I'm quite anxious. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my previous update but I am having a planned c-section due to previous fistula activity. This seems like the best route (as anyone who has had a fistula will appreciate you really don't want to mess with that area!). Whilst I am glad to know about this in advance, it does feel a little like I am missing out on many things that most women do (like planning an ideal birth and practising breathing etc). However, as long as baby is safe that's all that matters to me!

So that's it for my 3rd trimester update! Wish me luck for the final trimester and I hope to blog another update soon!

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