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This Week at Camp

For those that have read my previous articles, you know that I work at Briarwood Day Camp. Briarwood is located in the picturesque back country of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I have been going to camp since I was five.  I first went to Fairview Day Camp for ten years.  Then I went to Briarwood starting in 2000.

This is my first Summer back as a senior counselor since 2009. From 2009-2016, I had worked at a private school. In order to keep their salary, they required me to stay at their school-run camp throughout the summer. Once I got my job in the Philadelphia School District, I was able to come back to Briarwood. Prior to my departure in 2008, I had been at Briarwood since 1999. When I was wasn’t teaching at the private school, and working their camp, I was hospitalized due to complications with my Crohn’s.

In the Philadelphia region this past week, it was extremely hot. The dew points were in the mid 70’s, and the heat index was above 100 degrees. I knew coming into this week I had to take care of myself even more than I already do. Monday and Tuesday were a typical day at camp. Very hot, humid. I made sure to make sure I was prepared. I bought a new cooler that can keep my water cold because of it’s insulation.

I add Drip Drop to my water. Drip Drop is hydration powder recommended by many GI doctors. You just add it to your water bottle or in my case my cooler, shake it up. Drip Drop is great during hot days like this past week, because it replaces electrolytes to your body. They come in two flavors, lemon and berry. I like the lemon much better! My body does not do well with Gatorade or Powerade, because of the artificial sweetener that they add into it.

I have to admit that this week my Crohn’s has been bothering me. I don’t think I am giving my body enough time to digest my food after eating. This combined with the extreme heat would mess with anybody’s stomach.

At camp, I use the bathroom around eight to nine times. I felt like I was in there more this week. I think this week, I was very anxious about the heat, that it got me all worked up. And we all know what happens when stress is applied to the body, right? Yep!

I think going into this next week, I am going to try to phase out the heat. I know it’s there, and there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t worry about something that I can’t control. I’ve just got to embrace the heat, and just forget about it.

This upcoming week will have the same temperatures towards camp. I will continue to monitor my body, making sure that I am keeping cool. I also am keeping alert about how much I am using the bathroom, and sweating so I do not dehydrate. My advice to all Crohn’s patients is to just stay hydrated. Keep drinking water. Stay cool, and be safe in this summer heat!

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