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Foods that Make me Sick

Before I met my wife, I was eating very plain and boring food. I didn’t know any better and was very scared to try food. My wife went to culinary school and really wanted to expand my horizon when it came to food. We went to my GI doctor and he gave us some recommendations. The biggest thing he said was, “You are going to have to experiment” with some foods and hang around the house for a bit to see how your stomach copes.

Introducing new foods

We started to introduce vegetables very slowly. The first thing that I wanted to try, but was told always to stay away from, was a salad. Oh, how I missed the crunchiness and the refreshing feeling of the lettuce. I decided to try a small bowl of it. I really got sick from the roughage, so this is a vegetable that I have to stay away from.

The second food that I tried on a different weekend was red sauce. I really did crave a real chicken Parmesan dinner. I remember being at home and making a small cutlet with some red sauce. I was surprised how long I held out without running to the bathroom. But once I started to go, it was a mess. So that is the second food that I have to stay away from.

The third food is a type of grain. Barley is something that does not agree with me. That means that my grandmother’s mushroom barley soup is out of the picture. It is said that certain grains do not agree with Crohn’s patients, and the research is correct for me!

Everyone with Crohn's is so different when it comes to diet

It is funny, what bothers one Crohn’s patient might not bother the next one. Not one Crohn’s patient is the same. I know many people who can’t deal with regular ice cream. It just makes them very sick. I, on the other hand, do quite well with it and save it for a treat once or twice a month. The same thing goes with sushi and some raw fruit like apples. So what is the key? Moderation? I guess you can say that. I also think it's very simple, our bodies are made up differently. We all have different things that bother us.

I know of one person who suffers so bad from an ice cream sundae but loves it so much. She sacrifices one day every two months and eats it. She does get sick and has to go back and forth to the bathroom. I don’t know I would want to make myself get sick so that I could enjoy my food.

It's important to try new foods slowly

I will tell you that you need to be your own doctor when you are testing the food. Try a little bit at a time, and don’t try all new things at once. Try a new food one day, and wait a few days then try another. Make sure that you are close to a bathroom, and are comfortable. Don’t be a hero and shove it down, take it slow. Remember that we have active disease, so the introduction of new foods is a risk...stay well!

What helps or hurts your symptoms? Share your experience in the comments below.

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