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3 Bizarre Remedies I've Tried for Crohn's Disease

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2011. It will almost be 10 years that I have been living with this diagnosis and I have to say, I feel like I've done it all.

Over the years, I have tried so many medications, including all the biologics, which proved to be unhelpful for me, sadly. I've done all the other medicinal therapies a GI would suggest. I've tried all the diets – from SCD, low-FODMAP, paleo, anti-inflammatory diet, The Maker's Diet, and beyond. I've done fasts. 

And then I've done some weirder therapies.

The unconventional remedies route

Yup, after years of doing the conventional stuff, such as medicines and diets, you end up becoming more open to trying anything that could possibly help you feel better. 

So I'm going to share 3 strange remedies I have tried throughout my journey. And to be honest, I still do some of them, because they actually do help, ironically.

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Here we go!

Remedy 1: The BEMER

Okay, this 1 is kind of out there. I have a family member who is into the holistic world. So most of the stranger therapies come from this connection.

The BEMER (or bio-electromagnetic energy regulation) is essentially a machine you lay on that emits a frequency that encourages healing on a cellular level. It's a mat that is hooked up to a small computer, and it also has other attachments that can be used. 

Basically, you lay on this mat for a minimum of 8 minutes at least once a day. It is encouraged to use it twice a day. Just 8 little minutes.

An unconventional remedy success

So you're probably thinking, um okay, that's weird. Well, believe it or not, I actually experienced an improvement in my symptoms. 

I remember there was a time that I had swelling in my ankles and really sensitive shins due to a flare. After 2 days of using the BEMER, the swelling was gone and my shins weren't sensitive to the touch. Typically in a flare, those symptoms last much longer for me. 

So, I actually came to really like this little machine, and use it even today. I just wish I was more consistent with it because I only tend to use it when things get bad with a flare.

Remedy 2: Foot reflexology

This one was so strange for me. This is a Chinese practice that applies pressure to certain points in the foot to promote physical change in certain areas of the body. 

When I had this done, the reflexologist told me that the areas that were sensitive were the areas in which I need work in. Ironically, the area of the foot connected to the large intestine was extremely tender. The reflexologist spent a lot of time massaging this area to "release" it and promote healing.

An unconventional remedy loss

I didn't really think much of this technique. I sort of just did it to give it a try. To be honest, I didn't really feel a difference afterward.

Remedy 3: The Dome

This therapy is similar to the BEMER. In this case, the Dome is exactly what it sounds like. It's literally a small dome you slide under and lay in. 

Once turned on, it emits infrared heat that promotes healing of the body on a cellular level. So instead of using a frequency, as the BEMER does, this time heat is being applied.

When I had access to this machine, I would do this every day for about an hour and a half. The Dome doesn't get very hot to the point that you sweat, but you do feel the heat. I would position my body under the Dome so that my bowels were what was mostly being targeted. 

An unconventional remedy winner!

Out of all the weird therapies I have done, this one was the winner. In just a couple of days, I found a decrease in all my symptoms. And truly, in some weeks, I saw major improvement.

Now, I'm not a scientist so don't ask me the science behind it but I am just going from my personal results, and this therapy gave me nice results. Basically, way less pain, less urgency, and healthier-looking stool. 

Unfortunately, I lost access to the machine so I could not continue. But I was so impressed that I am looking into buying one for myself.

These are just 3 bizarre remedies I've tried. I've done much more. How about you? Any weird therapies you've tried throughout your journey with IBD? Share below!

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