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We Can’t “Vacate” Our Bodies

I don’t know about any of you but when I am not feeling well, I don’t want to deal with other people being super happy. I don’t want to know about the next greatest vacation someone is going to take, or how amazing a social gathering was the weekend before. I just cannot handle it when I am at a very low point with my disease and mental state. That isn’t to say I am not happy for my friends and family when things are going well with them- I am! But, it is often hard to hear, especially when you don’t have anything to say other than sharing what is going on with your health…again.

I have mentioned this a good amount in other articles but

I hate feeling like a Debbie Downer with people all of the time.

No one wants to be around someone whose whole life revolves around sickness. It comes off negative, even though we are only sharing what is happening in our lives. It just sucks because it isn’t lack of motivation that causes us not to have a career, or be out and about with friends and family, traveling/exploring, etc. It is because of our bodies that, through no fault of our own, we feel like a prisoner. And unlike those people who are so stressed because of work or something external, those of us who suffer from a chronic illness like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis cannot just go on vacation to unwind. We cannot escape our bodies. They HAVE to come with us! So basically, we can never escape what is going on that is causing us so much physical pain and inner turmoil.

With animals, they never judge. They are always there to listen – which is oftentimes just what we need. Our animals don’t care what we look like. They don’t care what we have going on in our lives. They simply care that we are there with them and love them.

My pets are my vacation.

I know if I lived alone I would never be able to have my dogs. I care for them whenever I can but when I am down and out, I am so grateful that there are other people in my home who can pick up the slack.

Inflammatory bowel disease can be so isolating and so depressing to live with sometimes. It would be great to take a vacation and escape it, but it helps me more than words to have my two dogs around me when I am home all day long by myself not feeling well. I never feel truly alone when they are with me.

Does anyone else feel like you can’t escape your body for a proper vacation? Do you find your pets help with that? I have so much gratitude for my animals for all they have helped me overcome with my IBD. I truly wish my dogs knew just how much I love them and appreciate them being there for me.

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    1 year ago

    I can so relate to this. Pets are such a blessing as they offer a companionship that is so needed when feeling ill. They are able to be with you all day without any judgment.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • Gillendor
    3 years ago

    I totally feel the same way! My dog lights up my life just as much as my husband. They are both blessings. I do find it hard to truly vacation from time to time because yeah the disease is always there, but when I get a GOOD day I live it up because they are so few and far between!! And it’s funny you mention the debbie downer thing–I am in the middle of doing a blog post about it myself! Hahaha! I always feel like a buzzkill. It’s so annoying! But it’s my life, its my reality! We just can’t control how other people perceive us. Full disclosure–when i was first diagnosed it was at the exact same time my sis became pregnant with her first kid. It was hard because everyone was going thru this huge excitement phase for her and I was over here feeling like my life was falling apart. Like two polar opposite situations going on. I was excited for my new nephew but also just kinda wishing I had normal problems like that and not this lifelong disease! It was an extremely emotional time but I got through it! You are not alone at all! Sending love and wishing you more good days!

  • 3 years ago

    Gday Debbie,
    I too feel your frustration, I’d be total lost with out my 4 cats they give me reason to not give up, even when I can bearly move they help by getting me up to clean and feed them ,by then we are all ready for bed again and the companionship is priceless.
    They are all by my side 24/7 and even when I’m in hospital I have to call home or they freet,and don’t leave my bed until I get home.
    I find that baby steps do little then rest works best for me as I have currently got several things to deal with ,rheumatoid arthritis omg what a nightmare, menopause,hot flushes the works mate ,it’s too is a pain in the butt, my skin and eyes are forever playing up, but I look at my cats and think we’ll there my reason to get up and try a bit harder every day,
    I forgot my children too 21&13 gee see brain fog mate.
    Never feel bad as you are doing the best you can and each day is a new challenge, be it a good day yippee, or a bad day eeek , .
    Your never alone here too as we can sympathise and understand that some days even getting out of bed is a huge effort , family and friends will never fully understand the full struggle we face daily.
    But in my eyes your magical for sharing your story so I can hear your screams for some one to just say shit buddy , I’m there too, as one it’s hard to cope but with so many compassionate people here your never alone.
    Sending warm hugs and better times from Melbourne Australia xoxo

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