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What Do I Want to See in 2018.

What Do I Want to See in 2018

What do I want to see in 2018? That is a very tough question. Of course I would want to be a multi-millionaire, but let’s face it, that will probably not happen. This year, in regards to my Crohn’s, has been pretty good. I have maintained my status of remission. This means that I do have any active Crohn’s disease. I guess this means I am stable? Like I stated before, I believe the word “remission” it terms of Crohn’s is misleading. I still go to the bathroom a whole lot during the day, but I am not in horrible pain or excreting blood. Anyways, there are a few things I want to see change in 2018.

I want to see a total cure to Crohn’s Disease.

This is something I think about often. I do believe one day there will be  total cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Can it happen in the next year? Sure! Anything can happen.

On a personal level, I need to get better at managing my stress.

I have an extremely difficult class this year.  Because of how difficult it is, I have been seeing a change in my symptoms. I have been having more cramping, and bouts that make me run to the bathroom. After doing all the tests with the doctors, it came to be that stress was the culprit. I already take a lot of medications so that is not the answer. I have actually started studying meditation. I try this once a day, and it really helps. I also have taking up reading. I find that reading while having a cup of decaf tea before bed calms me down. As a result, I have been noticing a positive change in my bouts.

During the new year, I want to be able to share my ideas in person with people that are new to the disease. I would like to get back in contact with the IBD associations that I am close with, who can team me up with somebody. I find that working with new IBD patients, having them understand that they are not alone is very important. I strongly believe in the “power of positive thinking.” These new patients might have a lot of questions that they might not feel comfortable asking to their doctors or family members. Some might be in denial; and not used to the big changes they are facing or lie ahead. The more support I can give to others, the better I will feel.

Another change I want to see in the new year is for me to get off some of my medications.

I know that I will be on Humira for the rest of my life, but I would like to come off my other immuno-compromising drugs. I have started a taper, that has been recommended by my stomach doctor. As we go into the new year, we have to be thankful that we have each other in our online community! Let’s go into the new year with high hopes, great thoughts, and fresh starts.

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    10 months ago

    Great things you want to see! Hope some came into fruition!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • Sickforever
    2 years ago

    Stress isof the magor reasons for a FLARE but sometimes medication is the only way to control it. I know people say meditation and exercise help greatly but when you don’t have the strength to get out of bed for a week or two at a time it makes that impossible.

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