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Why I Raise Awareness

Our community advocates raise awareness for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis all the time, but on World IBD Day, we are taking a moment to recognize why they raise awareness. Below are the reasons, among many others, that they advocate for awareness and understanding of the condition. World IBD Day is a day to recognize this.

On World IBD Day, I raise awareness because...


Why they raise awareness for Crohn's and UC

  • Our voices matter and need to be heard
  • I know how debilitating IBD can be
  • IBD is chronic, invisible, and ofter misunderstood
  • I want to give you confidence
  • We need to find a cure
  • Because all patient voices matter
  • We are more than IBD
  • Stigma is stupid

Share with us! Why do you raise awareness on World IBD Day and each and every day beyond that?

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