Alternatives to the Norm

I have had lots of cravings for red meat lately. Because of my Crohn’s, I do not eat red meat. Red meat is very hard to digest and causes me to run to the bathroom. So what do I do when I crave something like red meat? I will tell you that I do not let my guard down and give into my cravings. I realized that if I did give into all my cravings, then I would be very sick. I would be eating my way out of my problems, only to cause new problems.

So what do I do when I crave a food that I know will disagree with me?

I find an alternative.

My fiancé is a vegetarian and a food scientist. She eats a lot of soy (tofu), and has experimented with many meat alternatives to find the best taste. She has introduced me to soy-based alternatives and let me tell you, I love it! I am sure that you are surprised but let me tell you what I have learned about soy based alternatives. It really has made my gut slow down, and I feel that it has helped me stay on track with my remission status.

I don’t just eat tofu plain. I have to add a certain sauce. I might add a white sauce or soy.  And I cannot eat it whole. I have to have it chopped up into little pieces.  I also have to literally pretend that it is meat. I have to think in my head that I am eating red meat so that I can change the way it tastes. I know that might sound weird, but it really does work for me. I have also started to cut chicken out of my diet, especially at restaurants. I noticed that if I eat chicken when going out, I end up in the bathroom. Restaurants tend to add their own spices to chicken and fish which can cause turmoil in my stomach.

As of late, I have not been eating out as much because of that.

I don’t eat tofu when I am out of the house. My fiancé buys it for me (she knows the right brand) and makes it for me. She went to culinary school in California and knows how to doctor it up so it tastes good. She also uses the right “add ons” so they are easy on my stomach.

I have also increased the amount of fish I have been eating. The Omega-threes that are in the fish really help with nutrition. I seem to be doing very well with fish as it calms my stomach down.

Finally, I have found an alternative to soda. Soda for me is very bad. It makes me gassy and the fructose syrup makes me run to the bathroom. I have found that seltzer water (flavored) works like a charm.  It has no artificial sweeteners, or dyes. It gives me the carbonation that I want, but not too much.

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