Foods I Used to Love

Ah, the life before Crohn’s Disease.  What a great life it was.  Besides being so much more sociable, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted.  I don’t brag much, but I would not gain weight, even if I ate tons and tons of calories.  Here is a explanation of the food I miss.  If I would eat these types of quantities of food now, I would get very sick.  Oye to Crohn’s.

The Foods I Used to Love:

  • Steak – Red meat is hard to digest even with an “iron stomach.”  I would have a steak at least once a week.
  • Red Sauce – Got to love this Italian treat. I used to eat regular plain pizza, spaghetti and meatballs.  So so good.  Today, I am in the bathroom for the night if I have lots of red sauce.  The acid in the sauce is way too much for my colon…or lack there of.
  • Seeded Anything – I love the crunch! I have to stay away from seeded bagels, rolls, and other food items now as I have read that the seeds do not digest well. They could make my small bowel very ulcerated.
  • Salad – Oh my gosh!  This is a food item that I strongly miss.  I used to make my own salad, and have it a few times a week.  I would also go to Salad Works and order a big salad on the weekends.  I liked the healthy food option. Leafy greens do not digest well for me, and make me have a ton of urgency now.
  • Ice Cream – My favorite snack!  Although I have a few spoonful’s once or twice a month now, I used to have so much way back when. I loved milkshakes and sundaes.  The milk does not agree too much with my stomach.

Could this list go on and on?  Absolutely.  I could think of hundreds of foods that I used to eat.  It all comes down to self control and management.  It took me a long time to train my mind.  I had to train my mind to stay way from foods that I love.  Think about it: It’s like being on a constant diet.  I actually have to do a “cross-benefit analysis” when I come across these food items.  I ask myself, how much am I going to suffer if I eat this food item?

Don’t worry, in another article I am going to explain about a few times when I did eat the above items!  Being a Crohn’s patient for eleven years now, it took a long time to understand that bland food (not a lot of seasoning or sauces/gravy) was going to be part of my norm.  Every day is a struggle for me when it comes to food.  I always want what I cannot have.

What foods did you have to give up after you were diagnosed with IBD?

I know everyone’s disease is different, but are there any diet tips anybody wants to share with me to make things easier?  Thank you!


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