Gaining Confidence with Food

I definitely have to say that I have more confidence in my food choice as of late.  If you would have asked me a year ago if I would eat any fruits or vegetables, I would have said no!  I had a fear of having a major Crohn's flare.  I did not want to deal with the repercussions that might have happened.  Despite what my gastroenterologist said, I just stuck to chicken, potato’s, bread, and rice.  It was a boring diet, full of bland carbohydrates.

When I met my fiancée, she encouraged me to try more and more fruits and vegetables.

We knew that it had to be a trial and error, as some vegetables and fruits would agree with me more.  I wanted to make sure that I followed my doctor’s recommendations to peel the vegetables (skin is not great for me) , and also have to cook the vegetables to burn off most of the fiber. I eat the fruits and vegetables to increase my nutritional value.

Let’s jump to present day.

I eat more veggies and fruits than I ever have.

One vegetable that seems safe for me is squash.

I was introduced last year to it, and I have been hooked.  I have eaten spaghetti squash, acorn and butternut.  My favorite is butternut.  I have bought whole acorn squash and scooped out the center.  I have placed the contents back into the bowl-shaped vegetable and served it with rice.  It is so good and easy on my stomach.   I recently tried a pumpkin puree as well!

Pumpkin puree came as a mistake.

We had a huge pumpkin that we were going to give to somebody as a “fall gift.”  When we decided that there was a change of plans, we were stuck with the pumpkin.  So we scooped out the center and turned it into a puree.  We added the purée as a sauce.  It works great, and keeps my bathroom running to a minimum.  Why the sauce you might ask?  It’s a substitute to the red sauce that you people with out digestive issues would put on their pasta.  One of my Crohn’s “red flags” is red sauce.  The acid and tomato base really can ruin my day.  So I just plug in an alternative that works.

One last thing that I have tried is “split pea soup.”

Again, I try these items on the weekend, or on a day that I don’t need to go anywhere, just in case I have a bad bout and am running to the bathroom.  I cook the dried split peas, and add the other ingredients.  I don’t spice it up too much; I just add tofu sausage crumples to it.  It goes really well on a cold winter day.  Trust me, I have been eating it all week, and yet to run into a problem digestively

So yes, if you can tolerate some fruits and veggies every so often, do it.  Use the power of positive thinking and stay close to a bathroom.  Remember, its trial and error, but you got to a least try, right?

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