Humira and nauseousness

I’ve been on Humira for years now. After my shot, I’m useless for 2-3 days due to nausea. I was on one medication my Doctor gave me which would put me in a light sleep. Does anyone have any helpful tips? I’ve tried ginger, doing the shot at night. Nothing helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • CDGurl
    3 months ago

    I try to take my Humira a night so I can sleep off initial effects. However like you I am down for a couple days and really just sleep. Sorry to hear your struggling…nauseas feeling is the worst.

  • Brooke Abbott moderator
    3 months ago

    Hi @hennesseygurl,

    As a working mom and baseball coach on a biologic, I totally get it! I hate nausea so much! I found these supplements called, Preggie Pops when I was pregnant and they worked for me when meds like Zofran wouldn’t. I’ve used them ever since. I pop a couple with some mint tea and suck on them through out the day or whenever I’m feeling very nauseous.
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  • Natali Marti
    3 months ago

    Hi @hennesseygurl,
    I am so sorry you are struggling with this. I did not have that reaction to Humira, but I have had it with other medications in the past as well as after surgery. Ginger didn’t help me very much, but my nurse gave me a peppermint essential oil inhaler tube and that helped a lot to breathe it in each time a wave of nausea came on. Now I even put it in a diffuser in my bedroom when I am consistently feeling nauseous so the smell is more constant. I hope this helps a little and that you can find some relief!
    – Natali ( Team Member)

  • hennesseygurl author
    3 months ago

    Thank you, Graceann. I appreciate you getting back with me. Have a great day.

  • gpalmarella moderator
    3 months ago

    Hi @hennesseygurl, and thank you for your question. I hope our community members will chime in to share if they’ve experienced this, but I wanted to share a few articles in the meantime that will hopefully be helpful!

    We always encourage you to speak with your doctor about any side effects you are experiencing. Please keep us posted on how you are feeling. We’re here for you! – Graceann ( Team Member)

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