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Making the Invisible Visible

Making the Invisible Visible

Though IBD can have a major impact on your daily life, it often goes unnoticed because, in addition to being a chronic illness, IBD is an invisible one! This month we’re shedding light on all the hidden parts of IBD that sometimes go unnoticed.

Click on the hidden aspect of IBD that you would like to know more about:





Interested in more information about IBD and fatigue? Check out these great articles from our contributors:


Pain is one of the most common – and most difficult – of invisible IBD symptoms. Our contributors and community members have plenty to say on the subject:


Inflammation plays a major role in IBD but it’s not always easy to understand or identify but we’ve got you covered. Check out the articles below for more information on this important (yet invisible) part of IBD:

Mental Health

Chronic illness and mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression are old friends – but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer them silently. Hear from our contributors about their personal experiences with mental health & IBD:

Other Aspects!

The list doesn’t stop here – there are countless other invisible symptoms of IBD. Read about some additional symptoms below or share your own story!


  • Connie L S
    7 months ago

    I suffer with Crohn’s/ IBD . It has taken over my life I can hardly leave my house and sometimes I can’t even make it to the bathroom they have tried me on different medications but I’m allergic to so much now they want to try me on Budesonide and I am terrified to try it since the last medicine they tried me on ended me up in the hospital so I’m at the point I don’t want to suffer with Crohn’s but I’m also scared of the medicine since I am allergic to so much .Has anyone taken Budesonide for their Crohn’s ??

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