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windows into holiday homes

The Naughty (and sometimes nice) of Holidays with IBD

The holidays are a time of increased stress for everyone but it can be even worse for those living with IBD and other chronic illnesses. Between the stress of traveling, trying to negotiate meals, and flaring, the holidays can be a minefield. This year we’ve pulled together advice and tips from our advocates as well as our community members – we hope they’re helpful as you navigate your own holidays!

“Coping over the holidays

Self-care during the holidays!

Do you have special things you do to keep yourself sane during the holidays? We’d love to hear them! Holiday Self-Care

Personal stories from the holidays

Interested in what others do to handle the holidays? We’ve pulled together a couple of stories to get you started!

Share your own story!

Need a safe space to vent about the stress of holidays? We’ve got you covered! Share your holiday story!

“Coping over the holidays


“Coping over the holidays

What to do if you’re a caregiver…

Want to learn more about how to help your loved ones manage the holidays and their IBD? We’ve got some tips from those who know!