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Spotlight: Pets and Health

February 20, 2017 is #LoveYourPet Day and this month's community spotlight is on Pets & Health! Did you know that there can be actual health benefits to pet ownership? This month we'll be sharing articles on how pets can impact your health (and specifically your IBD), what to consider when owning a pet, and tips for caring for your pet when you aren't feeling so great. If you #LoveYourPet, we've got something for you to check out.

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Does your pet comfort you when you are not feeling well?

Pets and health
Related articlesPet Therapy – How Pets Can Help You Cope
By Amber Elder - July 14, 2016
It has been scientifically proven that interaction with animals is extremely helpful. Pets provide support for physical health by lowering blood pressure and helping the body to release endorphins...READ MORE

5 Tips for Housekeeping with Chronic Illness
By Sara Ringer - November 10, 2016
I don’t know if it’s just me (hopefully not) but I find that being a “normal person” is quite difficult living with severe chronic illness. It’s not really a problem if your disease is well-controlled and you are in remission but when disease is active and severe...READ MORE

Thoughts on How to Deal With Difficult Times
By Marisa Lauren Troy - July 1, 2016
My other reason for wanting to talk about this is to share some of the things that I tend to gravitate towards when I am going through a lot. Here are the top five things I have found to be helpful for me personally...READ MORE

Dogs in the Hospital
By Paul Richman - February 8, 2017
Before getting Crohn’s, I never spent time in the hospital (except for birth). Since I was diagnosed in 2006, I have spent close to five hundred days in various hospitals along the east coast. The only times that I have had seen therapy dogs during my stays were...READ MORE

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Pets and health
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