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Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spring is approaching and, with it, the common topic of spring cleaning. But what does spring cleaning mean if you’re in a flare? And how does IBD affect your ability to tackle chores, household tasks, and sprucing up? This month we are focusing on spring cleaning, household tasks and errands, and tips for getting things done (or letting them go!) when you’re living with inflammatory bowel disease.

As someone living with IBD, we’d love to hear directly from you about how you navigate day to day chores and seasonal cleaning with IBD. Here are a few wasy to participate in this month’s community spotlight:

Forum conversations

Do you have any cleaning advice or any tips and tricks to make your household tasks easier? Or a question you’d like to ask others on managing daily chores? Please share it with us in our forum: How do you balance your IBD with life’s errands and chores?


Have a story you would like to share with us? Or Tips and tricks for cleaning your life or home despite having IBD? Share your story with the community. Share your story

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Follow us on Twitter to talk about spring cleaning. Use #SpringClean and tweet us any tips and tricks you use to clean out your home – or yourself! – while living with IBD.


Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning