A really bad accident

So after dropping off an order for my customer, I get a sudden urge to pee. Well as you can guess, I'm speeding trying to find the closest restroom in unfamiliar territory. So I stop at a store, and just my luck they are closed. So now I'm panicking because I'm about to go on myself. So few minutes later I'm like f*ck it! I'm pulling over.(I despise women who deliberately urinate in public). So anyway, as I'm going to the shoulder, I hit my hazard lights, put my car in park.... And as I'm trying to rush out the truck my shirt snags the clutch and my truck knocks me forward and that's when I realized it's still moving. It coming towards me and although it was happening so fast it also felt like it was in slow motion. My first instinct was to roll to keep the truck from running over me. Then I get up and start running which is still in slow motion, and I fall just like the girls in the horror movie. Again I find my balance and try to do a full Sprint(used to run before my first symptoms of Crohn's). Then I see it it's going for the tree and I'm aching but I have to get my truck so I still manage to run. As I'm running it happens my bladder gives in and I'm actually peeing on myself and have zero control. Then BOOM! it hits the tree. So now I'm pissy, achy out of breathe and now stranded. And I look and smell as such... Looking back a few hours ago I'm thankful to be alive and I'm scared this is going to send me in a severe flare... Last accident caused me a hospital stay for a week.

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