Could it be Crohn's? A series of negative test results

Hello! My names Charlotte, I’m 21 from London. My story starts roughly this time last year when I noticed very regular loose bowel movements and lots of mucus.

I had to take a break from university and haven’t been fit for work since October 2019. I initially went to see my GP as my sister and uncle are coeliac and began thinking this could be the issue. That test in fact came back negative, however, I had elevated Calprotectin and CRP, low b12 and folic acid and a high white blood cell count. I was then referred to my consultant gastro by which time I was passing blood + mucus, in agony with pain on the left side of my stomach, tons of mouth ulcers, going to the toilet 20 times a day, being sick, night sweats, the list goes on and on! But most drastically my weight had dropped to 6 stone as I’d lost over a stone and half in weight within the space of a week.

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Clear test results

After speaking with my consultant for the first appointment he presumably diagnosed me with IBD and requested an endoscopy and colonoscopy. The colonoscopy came back clear and the endoscopy showed I had gastritis in my stomach. He then referred me to have a small bowel MRI scan assuming it’s small bowel Crohn's causing the problem. And you bet that came back all clear too.

I should be happy that the tests came back okay but I can’t help feeling so defeated and frustrated as I've been so unwell now for almost a year with blood tests and stool tests etc pointing to Crohn's. But, I’m not getting one step closer to finding out what’s wrong when I’m so very unwell.

I’m considering if it could be IBS and not IBD but no matter what I eat, it makes me unwell and I’ve taken enough Imodium tablets to be constipated and it doesn’t so a thing!

Any thoughts would be amazing! I’m also now waiting for a capsule endoscopy and crossing my fingers for some answers!

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