Butyrate was the answer

Thank you for letting me post to this forum. I wanted to share my story of a close family member who had UC for over 25 years and to see if anyone else has had success with butyrate? The family member had been on a range of treatments, including mega dose steroids but became unresponsive to these. They were prescribed self-injected biologic drugs (costing the NHS £10k/year) but these didn't work, and were about to be put on stronger IV infusions (costing £16k in the 1st year). They had tried a number of dietary and supplement protocols too over the years, with small degrees of success.

I did some research about butyrate and there's lots once you start looking, so I recommended they tried it. The effects were unexpected and astonishing. Virtually the same day they felt a positive impact and by day 2 had hardly any symptoms. Over the last 15 weeks, the benefits have been sustained and they can't remember their digestive function being this good (no urgency, frequency down from 8-11 times per day to 3 per day, normal formed stool). Has anyone else tried butyrate? The IBD clinic were most unhelpful and had no knowledge of it.

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