I was 71 years old before I got Crohn’s disease. First I had a colostomy and then a year later they had to close that and do a ileostomy. Tomorrow I will be 76. This has been a huge change in my life. I live in a small town and for over a year I was seeing a doctor here in my home town, all they did was keep changing my medications and I just kept getting sicker. Finally I had had it with the doctors here and went to a larger city to a GI doctor. They had me on prednisone for a while and I wasn’t getting any better. Things got much worse and by the time I had to have surgery my colon had so much damage they had to remove it along with my rectum and anus and do the ileostomy.

I still get very tired at times. I take shots every other week to help keep the Crohn’s in remission.

Just would like to talk to other people with Crohn’s. Like I said I am in a small down and really people can’t relate what I go through. Even my husband doesn’t understand why I feel like I do at times.

I also have a daughter with MS and I have been her care giver for 14 years now, I don’t get much help from my husband when it comes to helping with her.

Hope I hear from some of you and see how you deal with your illness.

Thank you,


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