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At the age of 17 I gave birth to my little girl on 19th of August 2016, soon after I started to develop severe abdominal pains, frequent toilet trips. The doctors put this down to having a baby and my insides going back to normal. After several months of being in pain, they finally sent me for a colonoscopy which I fact did show severe inflammation in my large bowel, I was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, at the age of 18, I then thought my life was over, I’d never be the same.

I had amazing support from family and friends, in particular my sister, who’s unfortunately had to get live saving surgery which has left her with a bag, my little girl also gave me the courage to push myself to get better, I knew giving up would then leave her without a Mum, which I couldn’t do. After months of waiting I was then put onto prednisone and azathioprine, my body then rejected the steroids, and my inflammation became worse, I was sent for an mri scan, which then confirmed I also had severe inflammation of the small bowel too. After being on steroids for 18weeks, I had an appointment with my consultant, which I was told I will eventually need 17cm of my small bowel removed, as there was a very slim chance any medication giving would help the severely inflamed bit of bowel.

On the 21st of December I went for my first infusion of infliximab, I then went back for my second infusion on the 5th of January 2018, my inflammation markers where up at 57 at the beginning of December 2017, I have now received the news that my Crohn’s is now on the road to remission, sometimes it doesn’t always turn out this way for everyone, but I firmly believe if it wasn’t for the courage from my little girl and family and friends I most likely wouldn’t be on the road to remission. We’re all made of strong stuff and can fight this horrible disease.

Crohns warriors💜💜.
Keep fighting x

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I too have Crohn’s and can relate–it’s always nice to hear you’re not alone.

    I am so happy that the infusions helped you and that you are on your way to remission. I can’t imagine dealing with this disease plus having a newborn and you amazingly pushed through and conquered.

    Keep on pushing forward, warrior. Your strength and positive outlook is refreshing and inspiring.

    I wish you nothing but the best! Keep in touch.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • SusanHU
    2 years ago

    Hi @shieldskeri – thank you for taking the time to share! It sounds like you have fought hard to get on track and we’re so proud of your positive attitude. Please keep sharing your story and know that we are here for you on the good days and the hard days! – Susan ( Team Member)

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