Crohns and I Own it

After 8 years on Humira, my Crohns decided to hit me with a vengeance. Nov 2013 I was so inflamed that nothing would pass thru until I started that dreadful diet. January 2014 small intestines (about 14 inches) and my appendix was removed.

From then till September 2015 I went thru 6 more surgeries as well as many hospital stays in between. At one point I had an ileostomy bag. I have learned a lot and shared what I have learned with the Doctors, Nurses and especially others with Crohn's. First Marijuana does stop cramping quick and Raw Organic Honey, add cinnamon and hot water twice to three times a day helps. I am taking Remicade infusions, gabbapentin, oxy, gas pills and stool softeners when needed. I am also on Flagyl again for CDiff.

I am a service connected veteran and the VA here in Lexington Ky is taking good care of me. If anyone wants to talk feel free to reach out to me any time. I know I have more bad days than good but that's ok, I'm 6 feet above ground and that's what matters when fighting this disease. Everyone choose to have a great day!

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