Crohn's and Me

I am 70 years old. I've lived in the USA for 30 years coming from Russia. I am not sure when my story started because I had pain in different parts of body since childhood and later I regularly went to mud resorts when I lived in Russia. Treatment helped for year or more. I went there last time the year before I came to the USA and almost for a year I started to have pain in legs and some other parts of body, but I did not have any diarrhea or tummy pain. Doctors were telling me that it's in my head. Then I developed uveitis (very painful thing). My doctor told me that this is conjunctivitis and I dropped and dropped antibiotics in my eyes and when going back to doctor he gave me the same diagnose. Finally one young doctor managed to look in my eyes and gave me prednisone drops and oral prednisone. He told me that I might have some autoimmune disease that he does not know how to detect.

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It's "In My Head"

When I told my family doctor to check this, he told me that a person can't have problems in several parts of body (well, now I know that with autoimmune disease everything is possible), so again it's in your head. In half of year I got different med insurance and went to a different doctor. At that time I started to develop diarrhea. My new doctor immediately sent me to gastro specialist. It's how I got my diagnosis (1993).

Since then I was on different meds and had several big flares. Started to read more about my disease, talking with people on forums and started going to alternative doctor who removed me from prednisone that I was on since diagnose. Currently, my "friend" is fermented produce. Sometimes I have oregano oil in capsule. So, life is moving ahead. Take care, people.

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