Living with Crohn's disease and erythema nodosum

Last updated: September 2018

I do not have the story to encourage.
But if you listen to my story, then thank God,
because he has given you birth in the first world.
If you want, you can get better treatment, service,
co-operation and specialist doctors.
And here I'm alone.
In December 2012, I was diagnosed with this crohn's disease.
Then, in 2014, a severely painful disease was associated with crohn's diseases named "erythema nodosum".
Since then, my only drug is "steroid" With Mesacol.
And you know, I have facing more problems for the side effects of
Surprisingly, in my country, I am the only sufferer of this disease.
So there is no specialist doctor here.
You will be more surprised knowing that
I have to go to another country "India" to bring a medicine "Imuran".
In my country there is no specialist for IBD.
Repeatedly I am getting admitted to the hospital.

When my doctor said, you go to America for better treatment,
to live a little better, cause we are helpless to help you.
Believe me, I've tried several times to get a visa but did not get the visa.
I have tried all kinds of things to live a little painless.
All my resources for treatment are over.
Now I'm just waiting for the ultimate wish of death.
I think death can end my pain.

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