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Crohns Sucks

I was 18 when I was diagnosed with crohns. I am 23 years old now, last August I had a horrible flare up which led me to the ER. They did a colonoscopy, ct scan, mri, and ultra sound because I could not stop puking and I could not stop the pain. They told me I had to get emergency surgery. I had about 2 inches of my small intestine and 3 inches of my colon removed. I haven’t seen a GI doctor since my surgery and I feel it getting worse and worse. It sucks not having insurance, and the only thing I turn to is marijuana. It helps with my pains, nausea (that I experience every d*mn day), and I’m extremely tired all of the time. Crohn’s sucks, I have cut out all meat, I’m a pescatarian now (5 months and alcohol free for 5 months as well). I am scared to try any medications because of all of the side affects. I would much rather stay with my mary jane and just die one day from the crohn’s whenever that time is. We suffer a lot. #F***CrohnsDisease #SomewhatLost

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  • ajcoms
    2 years ago

    I am so sorry for all your pain girl, I totally understand. Although I am on a drug (Lialda) I have found a natural treatment that calms my intestines when they start churning after a meal or in the middle of the night. It’s Frankincense essential oil. I just put 3-4 drops in a couple ounces of water and drink it. For me it helps very quickly. I use Young Living brand because it is the best of quality. I hope it can help you.


  • Brooke Abbott moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi @angeliquecruiz,

    I am so sorry that you are sick. The unfortunate thing is surgery is not a cure and you probably need to have some sort of medical therapy treatment either daily, weekly or monthly. Is there a reason you don’t have insurance? For some states like California, the enrollment period is still open through the state until January 18th. And because of your pre-existing condition you should qualify for most health care coverage and possibly free or minimal cost coverage. Also, if insurance is an issue, have you tried seeking out financial aid through a teaching hospital? Most often they have grant programs for patients like you and me with chronic conditions that have no coverage and high medical needs.

    In the meantime here are a few things to try to help ease your pain and suffering. Topical creams like Topricin, Charlotte’s Web by Stanley Brothers, & tiger balm have helped me in the past. I rub them on & then apply a ThermaCare patch to warm it up. There are lozenges I eat, that are organic, called, Preggie Pops. They help a lot with my nausea. Also try to take some vitamins in gummy form. Hero Nutritional has adult organic gummy vitamins.

    And as far as medication side effects goes, I understand. There are some medications that have serious side affects. But there are some that don’t have major side affects. And the healing nature outweighs the potential side effects for most. The best thing to do is to get a doctor and have a serious discussion about all the options out there available to you and conducive to your lifestyle. Please keep us updated!

    ( Team Member)

  • angeliquecruiz author
    2 years ago

    Hi @BrookeAbbott,

    I appreciate you telling me this. I live in Wisconsin and my job doesn’t offer insurance which sucks because I work in the mental health field. I deal with patients that have adhd, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. I applied for state insurance here but apparently I make too much money which isn’t the case because I barely make enough to pay my rent on time along with my car note. Then my boss told me to go to something along those lines for health care and I did and the cheapest one that I could get was about 2 something a month which I cannot afford. At times I feel like giving up, i’m not sure how the hospitals out here work. I can most definitely call to see about that financial aid through them, I just feel like its always a NO for me. Everything I try and do its a NO. This pain I deal with really sucks because I want t work but I have to take several days off of work because I can’t even get out of bed because of the pain I deal with. I’m literally nauseous every day and my eyes are swollen and my mouth/gums hurt me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I will try those creams you told me about. Something has got to give. I need to speak with a GI doctor but I know itll cost an arm and a leg just to speak with them.. I will try my best to see what I can do and I will most definitely keep you updated, thanks for reaching out.

  • juliebear
    2 years ago

    Hi angeliquecruiz… I hope this reply finds you feeling better… I completely understand your frustration as I have been in that spot before. I have found that a good probiotic that I purchase st my local health food store and take every day faithfully has brought me more relief than all the prescription meds ever have. I can’t tell you the name of it right off the top of my head but I know it is the probiotic they keep refrigerated. I was diagnosed with Crohns 22 or 23 years ago and I have taken every Rx med offered to me. In January 2017 I gave in and tried Humira and 3wks later was in ER with HORRIBLE case of pneumonia. I never took another round of Humira and can tell you that at this time I will not try another biologic any time soon. I hope you can get a good probiotic and it will help you as much as it has me. Of course it took me at least 3months to really notice an improvement but it was worth waiting for. Please feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have and I will gladly help you with any info and knowledge I have acquired over the last 22-23yrs living with this dreadful disease. Prayers you are feeling better and for continued improvement.

  • angeliquecruiz author
    2 years ago
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