Diagnosed with Crohn's

Hi I came across this site and it’s nice to speak to people who are going through the same as me as I don’t really know anyone with Crohn's and colitis! I was diagnosed at 17 and am now 25, so it’s been a good few years! It started off with tummy pain and ulcers in my mouth, bleeding kicked in, lost a lot of weight and ended up in the hospital. After tests and colonoscopy I was told I have Crohn's!

For the first few years it didn’t really settle! I started to get anxiety about going out or even just being with friends! This has also ruined relationships for me ! I understand it must be hard for people on the other side of the relationship of someone with Crohn's! I had an operation for a fistula a few years ago and now more recently I have joint problems. The doctors have said it’s linked to my Crohn's! Does anyone else have this? It’s scary to think what else might happen when I get older!  Thank you

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