Loner VS Social Butterfly

Relationships are hard enough for the general (“healthy “) public. Having a chronic disease makes absolutely every aspect in my life different. I say different because my life isn’t full of negativity. Things are definitely harder or more emotional, embarrassing, etc. I’ve had to get used to doing things differently, therefore becoming my “normal “. Like my purse for the past 15 years always has Kleenex inside, as well as hand sanitizer, Tylenol, and usually a snack. My bathroom has my favourite magazines, some sketch pads (since I’m an artist), and I’ve been known to have cookies on the shelf lol. But these changes are to benefit myself, obviously, and make my life easier and more enjoyable.

Is it difficult to date a Crohnie?

Relationships and dating are different with each new guy I date, so there’s nothing to really make it easier when going through breakups for example. I’m 38 yrs old and am dating an amazing man currently. But it has been a ride through hell, having a past dating history of narcissists, jealous/selfish/immature/unemployed horrible men. Approximately 8 guys in like 15 years...my goodness was I picking the wrong guy, or was it me?

My current Prince Charming blames it on my bad taste. Bless his heart, but dating a sick girl must have moments where my past ex boyfriends have questioned their reasons for dating me.

Do you agree is takes a special human (extremely rare) to date someone, a ”crohnie”, like myself?

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