Crohn's Stole My Childhood

Diagnosed at 6 I had no clue what was happening to me. I slowly transitioned into an introvert and my mental health progressively got worse to the point of multiple suicide attempts. In my teens I felt like I was just a lab rat, treatments were always temporary and draining.

Fast forward to the present where recently I cut off all ties with my doctors and took matters into my own hands. As a last resort I experimented with marijuana... and it worked. Don't get me wrong, I still get symptoms but I feel like I'm practically cured. There's just one problem... I've lost so much of my life and have been altered so much by this illness that I'm broken beyond repair. Plagued by anxiety and hopelessness, I feel like there is no point in trying when I've already lost so much, I just don't see a meaningful future for myself.

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