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Diagnosed 20 years ago

After suffering most of my life with stomach pains, finally was diagnosed with Crohn’s at age 50. Already was diagnosed with Hashimotos previously. Once diagnosed with Crohn’s, had a colonoscopy every 6 months as the lesions in my colon were deep. I was started on Asacol medication which did help, but then the drug manufacturer eventually stopped making it and I had to find an alternative. About 6 years ago, my niece suggested that I stop all gluten. My Dr and I were skeptical but thus began my gluten free journey. At my last colonoscopy, not only have my lesions totally healed, most of the scarring is gone from my colon. I had stopped the generic medications for Crohn’s as it turned out, they were produced with gluten! Now My Dr has suggested that I only need the colonoscopy every 2 years. I also used to have terrible heartburn but removing dairy from my diet worked and heartburn stopped.

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