Newly Diagnosed with Crohn's

I’ve had a colonoscopy and been told I have Crohn's with proctitis and it all started June 2021. I’m a slim build and lost a bit weight due loss of appetite and fatigue. Started treatment 7 weeks ago on steroids for 3 months and started azathioprine 8 days ago. Thankfully no side effects yet, but I’ve felt very low in myself since being diagnosed with Crohn's, and even more so since starting azathioprine. Is this normal or is it the medication?

I’ve been a van driver for years and I don’t know how but I’ve managed to stay at work full time with a few bad days but I’ve reduced my hours and altered my job last week. My job was stressful and it’s been better since I changed it. Still drive a few hours which is better than giving it up completely.

Having Crohn’s disease is soul destroying and just hope the treatment I’m on works and I can feel like me again.

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