Fighting Crohn's Naturally

Hi! I’m Nathan. I've had Crohn's disease for almost 20 years.

For the first 10 years of my diagnosis I went from specialist to specialist collecting a long list of medications most of which made very little improvement on my overall condition. At the age of 28 when most people are in the best health of their life, I was a very frail 130 pound skeleton.

Fighting Crohn's Naturally

Nine years ago I was introduced to the idea that diet could have a dramatic impact on health. When I first changed my diet for Crohn’s it only took a few weeks before I noticed a vast improvement in my symptoms. I was able to come off of all medications 4 months later. While it’s not been a perfect journey since, my health improved dramatically once I took control and started to fight Crohn’s naturally.

The result over the last nine years has been significant. I’ve gained 40 pounds from my lowest weight and I’ve only had one occurrence of bleeding since. I’ve noticed an increase in energy, improvements in mental clarity, and I have learned how to control my weight through the foods I choose to eat or not. Most importantly, I’ve discovered specific foods that directly correlate to my most severe symptoms - both diarrhea and blood loss.

For Me, Diet Does Matter

I attribute my success directly to pinpointing about 20 different ingredients through elimination diet and food journaling that I now avoid.

I know everyone's battle with IBD is different but I hope the success I've found in the last few years gives someone reading this hope. I still have Crohn's but I feel I have more clarity now and therefore I am empowered. :-)

Be blessed!
This was me in 2009 before elimination diet and me now

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