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Last updated: May 2018

It is me I seem to have forgot my password so I am back. My picture is one I took Tuesday of this week. I had a checkup with my family physician. He ordered a few blood tests and put me on Vitamin D since last month it showed nearly no Vitamin D in my bloodwork. We talked and he said he wanted the surgeon to be from Concord, here in our area that he felt better either there or Charlotte. My surgery is to fix my hiatal hernia that as my stomach moves up into the opening and back it has been eroding tissue causing small multiple area to bleed. That is what my GI doctor saw on my last scope a month ago. It has caused me to need three blood transfusions since Dec. 2016. All this on top of my Inflammatory Bowel disease Colitis. My new blood work this past week was 10.5 about and I am ecstatic. Instead of it being critically low it has gained after last month's blood transfusion of two units. My abdominal pain still comes and goes as does my back. But right now I thank God for his help. Plus a site online like this one to keep information exchanges on IBD. Thank-you.

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