Wow, thank you so much - I have been on my own with this hell for so long now, just a few minutes on this site has been like a glass of fresh water after being lost in a desert.

Just a few posts tell me that there are many sufferers on this rollercoaster nightmare with me.

I've been trying to solve the mystery of my illness/condition by myself - been completely in the dark. Now I realize that my symptoms are NORMAL as far as stomach probs go. WHICH IS SUCH A RELIEF!

I really feel for everyone on this site and everyone who suffers like this - it is hell!

The beginning of my IBD symptoms

My symptoms began in 2010, after a traumatic experience. Didn’t link this then.

Really bad gut ache.

By 2014 symptoms would not give me a second of peace. I had a sick feeling even if I drank a mouthful of water, couldn’t do /eat anything without feeling sick, it would cause great tension in my whole body, not just stomach, particularly neck and head.

I had ringing in my ears so bad it sounded like I was inside an aviary with 1000 birds chirping and light flashing before my eyes.

IBD can sometimes be hard to diagnose


Symptoms GREATLY improved with Slippery Elm Extract Powder, lots of it.

Skip to now and 3 months back suddenly got the runs every half hour- even several times a night, preceded by terrible gut ache. This has cleared up now (two months later) but now I think it has given me a hernia so now I can’t walk.

All doc (not hospital) tests show no abnormalities, except for a bit of blood in poo test. Slightly high levels.

Receving care is a challenge right now

Doc wants me to go to the hospital for an endoscopy. But there is no way I’m going near a hospital with this virus.

So feel like a wounded soldier cut off behind enemy lines!

Any reassurance, words from experience, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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