Ileo-Anal Pouch Surgery (J-Pouch)

In 1988 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. For 5 years I had a very bad time, off work a total of 45 weeks and in hospital for 35 of those weeks. Blood transfusions, anti inflammatory drugs, steroids/steroid enemas etc. In 1993 I was told my colon/large bowel was full of polyps and would need to be removed. My consultant told me they could only perform an ileostomy here but the QE in Birmingham had another option called an ileo anal pouch, where after surgery, you would go to the loo normally but it would be 6 - 7 times/ day.

It took about 3 months to get to that level. I was told at the time that this operation is not suitable for everyone!! My surgery, removal of colon, construction of pouch etc, was completed in one go. I was home 1 week after surgery. Here I am 29 years later. Although, I have had a few minor issues over the time, some of which caused by myself by continuing to eat and drink as I always have, prior to my colitis 34 years ago. I do have annual check ups with my consultant and do take loperamide, just 1 tablet from time to time, to slow things up if necessary.

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