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Jon Draws Inspiration from Jake Diekman

My son, Jon, is 9. He was diagnosed with IBD about 9 months ago after several months of pain, fevers, rashes, mouth sores, and failure to grow. At the time of diagnosis he had become malnourished and was sleeping nearly 15 hours a day. After diagnosis he initially felt a lot happier. He had answers and a plan.

Last spring, when he had to go on an all-liquid diet in the middle of baseball season he became very depressed. The only place he seemed like his normal self was on 2nd base, but his disease even began taking that from him. He missed so much school last year that he even had to do 3rd grade again. Around this lowest low, he found comfort in Jake Diekman.

He began asking to watch interviews, following his story, and finding ways to give back to others, as Jake does (making feel better bags for kids at the children’s hospital). Watching the interview in which Jake shows his pills and takes them on camera is a video that Jon will ask to pull up some nights as he takes pills or gets injections when he’s feeling down. He will watch videos of Jake pitch when he has a game or practice when he feels sick. One day he was too weak to play, so he supported his team from the dugout. After the game, his dad gave him a Diekman baseball card. That card has become his good luck charm.

Someday, Jon will find his own voice and strength, but, for now, we are grateful for Jake Diekman lending some strength to our little guy.

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  • SusanHU
    2 years ago

    Hi mightymouse – Thank you for sharing this with us! it was so heartwarming to hear that Jon has found something to focus on when he’s having bad days. We’re also glad that you’ve found our site and our community. =)

    Please keep us posted on your journey and Jon’s!

    Susan ( Team Member)

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