11 Yrs Living W/ a J-Pouch

4 months ago I had pouchitis. Was put on Flagyl twice. To no success.

I have extreme belly noises, nausea, and explosive BM's. I have found that every 2 hrs I have to eat something, a cracker. Then the nausea stops.

When mealtime comes I take 2 bites then I am full and throw away the rest. I have lost 24lbs in 4 months.

I am on dicyclomine 4x's times a day and vancomycin 4x's a day because I have a bacteria infection in my stool. How long is this going to take to get better?

I also have sore buttocks. I read Pepto-Bismol will help the noisy belly and a good diaper rash cream will help sore butt. Just wondered if anyone else experienced this. I've been on meds now for 10 days????

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