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Just found out that I have Crohn’s Disease

Hello my name is Anita. I am a little bit afraid of sharing my story with living with Crohn’s Disease. I found out that I have Crohn’s Disease two weeks after my mom passed away in August of 2016. In September 2016 I was in the hospital for abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Now I have no one to talk to about what I’m dealing with in my life. I feel alone. But I am trying to deal with all of it myself. And it’s really hard for me.

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  • anita317 author
    9 months ago

    Thank you for all your support and understanding. God Bless Everyone!

  • anita317 author
    9 months ago

    I’m trying to get my strength back again.Right now I’m kind of week.because my liver is low and my blood sugar is low. I’m working on getting that up again.

  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    9 months ago

    Hi Anita,

    I hope you are doing well these days. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you have been able to find support. Please know if you ever feel alone or need someone to talk to, you can message me anytime. You have a community here that cares.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

  • ljmthompson
    3 years ago

    Please, please continue to share your story! I understand your fear completely; it took me a full decade to admit I was dealing with Crohn’s disease, even to some of my closest friends. Looking back I wish I had been more open about it, and sooner. I was embarrassed by the nature of my disease and it didn’t exactly come up in regular dinner conversations. However, being “out” with Crohn’s has helped me come to terms with what I am dealing with health wise, and it has also helped people around me to understand what I am up against. If I back out of a social event last minute, they understand because they know about my Crohn’s issues.

  • Crohns1998
    2 years ago

    I am so sorry you are grieving for your mother and grieving your diagnosis. This must be overwhelming but you are not alone and I hope you have people to talk to: friends, clergy, a grief support group or a Crohn’s support group or a therapist. Draw on these people; they can be tremendous help.

  • Peedy
    3 years ago

    Anita, you are not alone, but you are in charge of your health and have to seek advise and research. I have had issues my whole life, I was a teenager when I had my first episodes, but was not diagnosed until 16 years ago. One think to remember, is every single one of us are different and we react different and respond different. It is going to take a lot of hard work on your part to learn, learn your body, learn what foods you are ok with and what ones your not, learn how to plan, learn how to react… Crohn’s does not have to control you, but you have to control how you react. I have never met anyone with our disease that is not willing to support or talk. You can not do this all on your own, you have to have a support system, you have to get a good doctor, There is so much info I would love to share with my years of experience. Message me anytime.

  • Iamdopetress29
    3 years ago

    I can’t imagine being diagnosed and not having my mom to be my rock. When I found out I immediately cried for like 2 seconds and my silver lining was at least I know what it is and it’s not cancer. In the beginning I was managing with a few pills a day and then the pills
    Just stopped working that’s when the pain and constant hospital stays started. My mom
    And I have never been close but the disease has really changed the dynamic. I say all
    This to say it’s nice to have someone to
    Have your back and so I am
    Offering to myself as a possible friend that knows what your going through and would like to support you emotionally.

  • Kelly Dabel moderator
    3 years ago

    Iamdopetress29, thank you for sharing your story! So glad that you have a great support in your mom. We appreciate you being part of our community! Kelly, Team Member

  • Isabellasmum
    3 years ago

    Hi Anita
    Thank you for sharing your story
    First of all your not alone .
    If you’d like to chat I’d love to share my story with you. Its a horrible disease & you need someone to talk to. So message me anytime.
    Hope your feeling better soon!


  • Pam
    3 years ago

    Hi Anita! I know how you feel. Feel free to write me. I’ve had this illness for many years, and I think the toughest thing for me is the feeling of isolation. People don’t seem to discuss this illness, so you don’t know if the person your talking to has it or not. I would be glad to listen to you or provide feedback. Take care, Pam.

  • SusanHU
    3 years ago

    Hi Anita,

    Thank you for sharing your story and I’m sorry for all you’re going through.

    A number of our contributors have written articles around what to expect and how to cope when you are newly diagnosed and I wanted to share a few with you:

    I hope they are helpful. Please keep us posted as you move forward and know that we are always here to offer support.

    ( Team Member)

    3 years ago

    I’m sorry for your loss, I myself have nothing positive about your Crohn’s,my Crohn’s isn’t very good, But I do understand about loosing your mom..
    Good Luck..

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