Just Me: A Grandma Called MaeMae

I was diagnosed with UC about 5 years ago when I was visiting a friend in Oregon. I was 70 years old, a little late in life. Reading other people's experiences I see my UC is much different in presentation. I've never seen blood in my stool but I did have one full on blow out while I was getting my nails done. I'm on my third treatment. My first was a pill started with an L. Then I was put on Inflectra by means of infusion. I always had diarrhea, it was manageable but still diarrhea. My immune system started eating up the Inflectra so now I'm on a new infusion med and I'm constipated all the time very annoying.

Making the best of it

Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This winter was so wet and cold all arthritis in all my joints are torturing me. I have had ablation on both my knees. I'm seeing a physical therapist so I can learn to use my hands again, they have been like lobster claws. I am so glad spring has finally come. One thing that I think is important to share when I was in my early thirties I developed an autoimmune disorder at a time when illnesses such as MS and lupus were really not understood. A friend of mine died of lupus. When my immune system went cablooey I had some of the same symptoms my friend who had died from lupus. I was pretty scared. My doctor treated me holistically even though he was a traditional MD. I regained a good measure of health but it's all caught up with me. I'm making the best of it all.๐Ÿ˜‹

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