A Life of Crohn's

I've been a Crohnie since age 12, and I am now 76. I've had six bowel resections, eighteen other surgeries, and so many procedures and hospitalizations that I can't remember them all (thank God).

Living life to the fullest

Bowel obstructions, abscesses, kidney stones and other assorted agonies related to Crohn's have conspired to destroy huge chunks of my life, but I'm still hangin' in there. Over all those decades, I've actually been quite fortunate.

I've been married for 55 years, helped raise two sons and two grandsons, and had a 44 year career in advertising and marketing. I've written half a dozen books, including the ironically titled Crohn's Is a Funny Disease.

In my spare time I've earned a 7th degree black belt in Kenpo karate, taught it for 25 years, and still stay as active as possible every single day. In fact, I'm getting ready to release an app called Plus1, a word game like no other.

It's been tough, but if I've gotten anywhere in life, I have to attribute it to a stubborn willfulness to get on with living no matter what. All things considered, life is scary good.

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