Living with crohns and ulcerative colitis disease and colostomy bag.

My name is Cassandra Jimenez. I was diagnosed with crohns and ulcerative colitis since the 5th grade. They couldn't find what was wrong with me. My father also has the same disease but not as bad. He asked before getting my mom pregnant what's chances of her getting pregnant he said 1 in a million. And I was that million. And now I have it worse then him. But I have it worse then him then anything. I been through so much. And so many hospital. More then 30 doctors. No one knew I was dying. I was on picc line and everything. I had to do home school and I still made it through. But it was tough. I struggled. Cried all the tears I had. I couldn't just stop the restroom. Going over 40 times a day. I prayed. I prayed. I almost gave up. The pain is no joke. The doctor need to study more. And I know mostly anything you need to know. If you want to let me know. I am here for those who need help. I was on humira. CIMZIA. And remicade. And all that just all went down the drain after a doctor mistake. Never go for first opinion go for two or three. I got a colostomy bag now and waiting to revese it but not due to all these complications I can going through. I grew a hernia also in my stoma now. So name anything you would like to know. Anything. I promise I will have some answer. Let's make this known and help everyone else out please. We need to.

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